Problem: Data shows that the average person generates about 1.2 kilograms of garbage per day, of which only 84% is collected. In Mexico City, it is estimated that 12,998 tons of solid waste are produced, 48% of which is generated in homes, 26% in businesses and 14% in services, giving a total of 102,895 tons of waste per day throughout the country.

Solution: Civil Association in charge of educating and developing new habits to generate citizen participation through various trainings and workshops on composting.


Small changes, significant results 

Naming: The name Bassa derives from the practice of “sa bassa”, which was characterized as an important principle in the tradition of the Balearic Islands. For unknown reasons, this technique was lost over time, however, Bassa is sustained that in spite of its history, it becomes a tradition again, where people form new habits towards organic waste with the hope of passing this from generation to generation, creating a change in society.

Logo: Bassa’s graphic identity is based on a symbol, which communicates the concept of “reintegrate to preserve”. The shape of the symbol alludes to the peel of a fruit or vegetable, which becomes part of the organic waste that we face everyday. Furthermore, it seeks to communicate the process by which the compost must take for the preservation of our soils and the revalidation of this waste.¬†