The forgotten Mexican delight 

Need: Information leaflet on the issue of vanilla in Mexico.

Solution: Design of different data visualizations accompanied with pictograms, text and images.

Context: Vanilla is one of Mexico’s forgotten crops. Although it originated in Mexico and today has diverse uses and applications in the industry, especially in the food industry, Mexico has lost its leadership in its production and cultivation. Taking up and promoting the production of this orchid, which is not simple, is an alternative to improve the quality of life of the Mexican population. Such is the case of Ejido Chunyaxché, where the conditions are in place to make this project a reality.

Design of pictograms to represent different concepts within the cosmovision and production of vanilla. The style of these are obtained from visual features of the Codex Badiano (first treatise describing the healing properties of American plants used by the Mexica civilization) and the gala tie of the typical attire of Papantla, Veracruz.