Creative strategy:

Board game design that promotes the importance of vanilla in the construction of Mexican identity. Targeting  teenagers, the game consists of a board with measurements 80 x 80 cm, instructions in a french fold polyptych, an information leaflet on vanilla in the same format as the instructions, tokens to move around the board, element cards (biome, Kiwikgolo god, pollination and beneficiary), challenge cards, and joker cards.

How does it work?

Players must grow 4 vanillas by collecting a set of 4 elements (one of each color that they may exchange for a vanilla card in their turn) ) in total to win the game, or simply reach the center of the board. Likewise, they will face challenges to stimulate the cognitive and psychomotor skills. In addition,  the board game has a digital link to a mobile application in which the user will have at his or her disposal different functions such as scanning the icons on the bridges to earn points and exchange them for vanillas or for donations to help plant a tree in Papantla, Veracruz (place of origin of the Mexican vanilla).

The tone of the board game is irreverent, fun and colloquial, in order to attract the attention of teenagers so that they can identify themselves with the brand.