#3: Rejection Is Redirection

Rejection is a tough pill to swallow in any life scenario: work, relationships, love, business ideas, and more. Yet, I have learned that rejection isn’t the end. In fact, rejection is redirection. This phrase was presented to me by a friend who learned it from her therapist. Ever since, I have applied it to all aspects of life, especially in my career as a Graphic Designer.

During my career as a Graphic Designer, I have faced numerous rejections. Each one felt like a setback, making me question my skills and choices. However, over time, I began to see these rejections as opportunities for growth. They pushed me to improve my skills, explore new techniques, and ultimately find better opportunities aligned more closely with my strengths.

Amidst the challenges of facing rejection, I stumbled upon “Fucked Up Nights,” a global movement and organization that focuses on sharing stories of failure. The concept is simple yet powerful: people from various industries come together to share their professional screw-ups. These events highlight that failure is a universal experience and that you are not alone. Everyone fails, and failure is what makes us stronger.

Attending my first “Fucked Up Nights” event was life-changing. Listening to successful professionals candidly talk about their failures was incredibly liberating. It made me realize that I wasn’t alone in my struggles and that even the most successful individuals have faced significant setbacks. The stories shared were not just about failure but about resilience, learning, and, ultimately, redirection. Since then, I have approached my work with a new sense of purpose and resilience. Hence my slogan “Enjoy the process” as a reminder to embrace every step of the journey, including the setbacks (in life, the creative process, and any other circumstance that may arise). This mindset has helped me connect more deeply with clients and navigate life’s ups and downs with optimism. In conclusion, rejection is a natural part of life, and failure is okay; you are not alone. Everybody fails, even our idols. Embrace your failures, share your stories, and remember that every rejection redirects to something greater.

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  1. Hi Valeria!

    I really love your first post:) I agree, it is truly so important we see things in life as redirection as opposed to a means of failure. Everything is getting you where you need to be, especially in your career!

  2. I think the most important takeaway from your article is that rejection is inevitable, but rather than seeing it as (what you’ve said) a setback, we should take these experiences as lessons that will help us improve in the next step in our journey. I applaud you as a graphic designer to able to take that criticism and use it to further improve yourself. I’m excited to read more of your blog posts!

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